tongue party

Reviews & Praise:

"If these stories were films, they’d be early Hal Hartley meets John Waters." - Tara Murtha, Philadelphia Weekly

"Though the volume feels thin in your hand, don’t let this fool you; the collection is packed full of gorgeous, jarring stories." - Blythe Davenport, Philadelphia Stories

"Watching each beautiful, terrifying, utterly bizarre story unfold is part of what makes reading this cohesive collection so enjoyable." - Melissa Reddish, Emprise Review

"It’s like nothing you have ever read before." -  A Little Tete-A-Tete

"[Etter is a] literary sniper—these brief fables are single shots to the dome. She needs no more than a page or two to bring you to your knees." - Dawn West, PANK Magazine

"There’s a visceral quality to these stories that sometimes calls to mind the work of Brian Evenson." - Tobias Carroll,  Volume 1 Brooklyn

"This book is an odd look at relationships, a bit of mirror, a bit of shattered mirror glass, I mean to say a sharpened edge that might just hold our own face." - Sean Lovelace, HTML Giant